I challenge

All those who defile my faith

And draw cartoons

About my beloved Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet of Islam

And God's mercy to all mankind

To face me in any contest

Involving debate, reasoning,

A televised discussion

On the responsibility that comes

With the freedom of expression

And speech

Or even a public conference

Along with learned men and women

Of all religions, beliefs and ideologies.

I even challenge these cartoonists

Who love to denigrate my beloved Prophet

Who is also the last Messenger of God

Whom we Muslims call Allah

To a duel to death

Whenever they like

At any place they like

Armed or unarmed

The choice of combat is theirs.

But before I make this challenge

A formal affair

I would like to ask these cartoonists

Why and what for do they like to insult

The Prophet of Islam and the Muslims

All around the world?

What is their logic?

Can they explain logically?

We Muslims are defamed worldwide

As terrorists and militants

As people with no tolerance

For people of other faiths.

Yet we have never defiled

Any messenger of God or any prophet

Mentioned in the Holy Bible.

And we have not cast mud on

The followers of the Vedas and Puranas

The Bhagavad Gita or the Ramayana.

We have not at any point in time

Defamed Buddha, Mahavira or Shiva

Rama, Sita, or Shankar and Arjun.

We respect even Confucious

Aesop and Helen and even Bathsheba

We hold the Virgin Mary, Christ's mother

In the deepest of reverence.

We do not draw caricatures

Of even Hanuman, Bheema or Draupadhi.

We know that this is just not right

In the book of universal human conduct.

Yet we are being defamed and defiled

And our Prophet Muhammad is being blasphemed

More and more with each passing day

In newspapers and magazines

In Norway and other such countries

And of late even on the internet sites

Of "Facebook" and other nefarious pages

Where those who love to have sex with their mothers

Sisters and daughters

And even fornicate, calling themselves gays

And who do not even spare dogs and donkeys

Monkeys and apes

Bears and pigs

Who have no etiquettes about healthy sex

Or even the fear of God in their satan-ruled hearts

To slander and slur the Muslims

And their beloved Holy Prophet:

All...all being done in the name of freedom

Freedom of expression and speech.

Will you wise men and women of other faiths

Sit and observe quietly

If your religious sages and saints

Are made fun of by some zealots among Muslims?

Will you? O, tell me, I pray thee, will you?

Then why not use the same scales of judgement

And stop this castigation of Muslims

And their beloved Prophet Muhammad?

What makes you sit silently and watch the mayhem

Commited by the insane of your communities?

Where has your sense of honour, justice, equality

Liberty and fraternity gone away?

Or have your hearts and minds been sealed

By the devilish suggestions of wealthy satans

Who make you sit on the thrones of power and glory?

Tell me O you wise and learned sages

Saints and bishops

And you too, O you honourable Pope at the Vatican

For how long will you allow this

Vandalism and bigotry to foster and nurture?

How long will this fanatic insolence go on?

Yeah, tell me, if you can, O ye guardians of your faith

For how long will you sit and yawn

Such frenzic insanity against the Muslims worldwide?

Where is your commitment to the Bible gone?

Tell me O you Pope in the Vatican

Is this the respect for all faiths

That you and those who follow you blindly

Preach day in and day out?

Tell me O you Anglican chieftains

Templars and Saxons

Mormons and Methodists

Seventh Day Adventists

And all you other sects

Is this the Christinaity the blessed Jesus taught you?

Is this what hia faithful disciples preached?

Is this what Saint Paul imbibed in you?

Tell me O ye self-proclaimed defenders

Of human dignity, tolerance and righteous morals?

Is this what your faith has taught you:

To mock and ridicule other religions?

And insult the holy men of God Almighty?

Tell me please, and if you cannot

Send your advocates to battle with me

In word, reasoning, dialogue or duel...

...I am ready for each and anyone of you

Wherever and whenever you like.

This is a vow I make

With my Lord God Almighty

And all His messengers and prophets

Most of all this is my promise

To my beloved Prophet Muhammad

On whom be peace and the blessings of Allah

Forever and ever...ever and ever.

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