Aren't we all, every man and woman,

Born from the seeds of Eve and Adam?

Why then let Satan, the devil, divide us,

And make us drift further and further apart?

Have we all not our wise men who tell us,

Haven't they left us messages in their scriptures,

That we are all one and only good is the rule,

Which makes us and breaks us as nations?

Why let fanatics disrupt our lives?

And infect in us nothing but malice?

Why cannot we reflect, ponder and pause,

What is our greater purpose and cause,

Why let the evil forces drive us insane,

And make of ourselves objects of shame?

Come, oh my fellowmen and women,

Let us all clear our myopic vision,

Let us revise the goodness of our sages,

And make this century the best of all ages,

All we need is the will and God's help,

Not power, dominions, kingdoms and wealth,

What we seek and want is a better world,

Where we all can live in harmony unfurled.

It's difficult to do so but not     impossible,

So why not do all we can...aren't we able:

To make our Earth more beautiful again,

A place where tolerance, peace and love reign?

In the Holy Bible and the Gospels of Christ,

It has been proven that might is not right,

From Noah to Abraham and then Moses and Jacob,

And from Solomon to Buddha, Ram and Muhammad,

There is only one message from our Lord God Almighty,

To be good to one another and aspire for piety.

May God's peace be upon all of these prophets,

And through their teachings, may we too be the closest,

To the Creator and Sustainer of us all,

By living as He wants us and not falter and fall,

In our noble mission of uniting one and all.

We have been taught how to live in peace, love and calm,

So, I beseech you, O my fellowmen and women,

Let us all join hands in spreading this vision.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the 24th of October.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Your passionate wrath is well appreciated. I am a firm believer that everyone has their role to play good or bad.
If all this were not meant to be God would never allow it to happen. Free will too plays a very large part. This world and this life is transitory we will have true peace only in the here after. Any peace we have here will be a butchered idea of what real peace is in the here after.
We do what we can do to make life better for others and ourselves and leave those who make life worse for others and themselves to be handled by God's justice for it is supreme and perfect. So many things seem unfair to us but I bet when we die ourselves it will be revealed to us why all things happened and even the most tragic will make sense to our souls for the greater good of all mankind , hard as it is to believe now, just mark my words we will walk together through out God's kingdom one day and discuss this into infinity. I always think of a very old saying I am sure you are well aware of THE LORD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS. I could give you 5 examples of horrific things that happened to people and how they turned that horror around in their lives and made the world a much better and safer place for others. That is God in all of us at work. Into the great darkness he shines his even greater light. come on now sweet man smile now into my light! I really did love this poem. Even in your anger you can seem so loving. I will always seek the protection of your comfort. you know who......... so why type it? lol

shazi's picture

My Dear friend, the message is loud and clear and shows the purity of the heart but alas this world and the people who live in it are driven by greed, selfishness and lust. I often wonder we are at the brink of total destruction and yet our eyes are wide shut. May ALLAH help us and your message touches the heartless. Well written, powerful words and as always your style. Take care