I too am elevated,

Always am,

As you never leave me,

Ever alone.

You are as Elvis Presley says:

"Always on my mind."

And other than God Almighty,

And His prophets,

There is nobody else,

So much on my mind,

You never let go of me,

In my hours of wakefulness,

Or even in my sleep.

I confessed my love for you,

Long before you did so,

You 'got' me through your sweet,

And deep introspection,

And then by saying,

How much more we both can be stronger,

If our like energies converge on love,

Divine, true, selfless love,

For now, for the future and forever,

I feel I am the one,

Much more elevated.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed in the early predawn hours of the 25h of October in response to a poem by the woman I truly love...divinely and without selfish and carnal desires.

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