What kind of people am I living with!

They say they like me, love me and care about me,

But they don't spend even three rupees,

On a phone call to ask how I am doing.

I have felt like this since I was born,

Alone, left-out, aloof, forlorn,

Save for a soul who somehow shook hands,

And for my happiness prayed on and on.

Childhood went and when youth came,

I began to see past the hidden, the plain,

And save for my schoolmate I found none,

Who knew me and loved me for what I was.

Then in the midst of youth's stormy swings,

She was snatched away from me on fate's wings,

Two souls who were meant but for one another,

Were severed to suffer seperation's stings.

Life tried to find meaning in some other friends,

And one of them was true to the core but his end,

Also came before winter welcomed Spring,

In an avalanche his death knell did ring.

Then there came one, jolly and carefree,

Full of verve and boundless energy,

May God bless him with long life and health,

May peace be his fate and joy his destiny.

But this friend of mine is no longer nearby,

For greener pastures he preferred to fly,

To an alien land and now he lives there,

He remembers me still but I can just sigh.

Then came a woman who said she loved me,

Fooled me all along with her impunity,

Wrecked me through and through and went away,

To seek wealth and fame in a strange country.

I was left with a bleeding heart and three souls,

Who suffered with me, had none to console

Them in their silent suffering,

But who seemed lost with a life without goals.

Now they have grown up and may grow on more,

Be healthier and live strong evermore,

May peace and success embrace them all along,

May joy and laughter be their dinner song.

I had a father who loved me a lot,

But who was so strict that I forgot,

To see through his fits of great rage,

What fatherly love meant at that small age.

Only my mother understood me somewhat,

But now she is missing her husband a lot,

I don't blame her, my father is lucky,

To have been blessed with a wife such as she.

But even after four decades and more,

My childhood agony still remains sore,

I find myself ALONE wherever I am,

Crowds or caves, no soul to share more.

And even when I trip into nowhere,

The face of my schoolmate comes out and stares,

As if telling me to be like the brave,

Because nobody has been able to catch a wave.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Produced in Karachi, Pakistan, on the 8th of November, 2008...what more to talk of my feelings than what I have said in my poem.

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