More than often, in my imagination,

My beloved comes with moonbeams in her hair,

Dancing eyes and jocundity on lips,

And I forget my state of damnation.

Her gait is sprightly and her ways smooth,

It is as if God's mercy has descended,

She sings me songs in melodious silence,

And I forget whatever pains I have, insooth!

She is most beauteous in her entrancing form,

Delightful and sublime her ethereal stance,

Her presence is angelic and all mind's demons,

Vanish and I fear not any dreadful storm.

My childhood mate, my very first love,

She comes from God's vast and unseen realm,

To cheer me up and fill me with music,

So that I sink not into Hellish disdain.

I thank my Lord Almighty for sending her,

To ease a state of nerve-shattering living,

My paradise is made real in this temporal world,

And I drink deep from the divine cup she offers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on June the 15th, 2008, in Karachi, Pakistan.

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'Your Damnation's Defeating'

that haunting eerie haze
alas has lifted
softly off
the world where gray prevailed
and sullen darkness settled
the sweet flooding warmth
of a new fresh day
just as suddenly alighted
freeing the despair of
the purgatory soul
and gaining such tender
momentum to that of which
the heart can now
more fully grab a hold
in a fond forward lighting
it was a better love that
found the grace it needed
to hit you
and you in all
your damnation's drowning
dove even deeper into yourself
for the emotional strength required
to fully recognize such said love
for what it is
life's altering of beauty and
its every level of sincere salvation
you came from love
you swam for years through an obstacle
course of jealousy and emptiness
and in God's all loving mercy
he fished you out of that
drink of darkness
with the pale loving hand of one
momentarily blind poetess
your life is a given
a set course that will not be
trampled upon again
it was for the love and want
of others you felt obligated
to please that you
allowed yourself to be
chained in an earthly hell
and it is for a
greater love owed
to you
that you found the key
needed to set your
so beautifully denied self
free to be with the one she
you recognized from moment one.............
you know who!.......why type it?
P.S. Don't you find it ironic that you
were saved by Sweet Sin? Anyway is really of
no matter I wish you two all the best!