Sunlight tinkling through her auburn hair,

Like a hundred prisms bursting rainbows,

Her smile giving meaning to the day's start,

While a lustrous halo on the red-cheeks glows.

Her passion trips like a smooth cascade,

As her eyes convey a quiet message,

She is unmatched and does not fade,

From my mind's eye, nor does she age.

What sonnet can match her grace?

She's a masterpiece of the greatest art,

Her Maker after her did efface,

Every deft stroke on His timeless chart.

A child, then a girl, then a maiden,

She was distinctly higher than all her ilk,

Her charms defy all descriptions,

Her virtues are brocaded in heavenly silk.

She's Daphne, who else can she be?

No other woman, like her, lovely,

A flawless portrait by God the Artist,

And a spirit with life from none but He.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on June the 11th, 2008, in Karachi, Pakistan...while remembering childhood schoolmate, friend and sweetheart.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Your heart and memories are the poet. What homage you pay to a love once so clearly spoken. My breath trips in my chest to as I imagine a male voice so in love reading that smattering of devotions twining around his aching heart's sleeve. A natural born wooer lurks behind your every romantic turn of a phrase. You could endear even as you retreat. With palms open, I surrender my finest pen to your inspection sir! you know who!........... so why type it? laughs

Christina Jarvis's picture

My breath was taken away by this poem. It is rare that one reads classically inspired poetry so graceful and timeless. Kudos.