The winds of change are blowing I heard,

It sound oft-repeated, a cliche - absurd,

Though the laws of the universe do not change,

Man's mind keeps moving upward, downward.

The sky is clear but the days are too dull,

And the drone of the bees causes a lull,

In the movement of joyous happenings,

And a pain of the past throbs in the skull.

When the sun descends, in the shady moonshine,

I shrink away from the cup and the wine,

With them there was once a hoor* whom I loved,

When she's not there, what else can be mine?

And in the cool breeze I heard a soft hush,

As if being advised to forget and crush,

The feelings - the storms quivering inside,

A lava seething to burn me and gush.

And hooting the wise bird of the night came,

As if absolving me and my past of all blame,

Its message I shall try to decipher all night,

And till I fall asleep... keep chanting a name.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Hoor: Arabic/Persian/Urdu for houri.
Composed on September 26, 2009.

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