TO BE AND NOT TO BE (With due respect to William Shakespeare)

To be and not to be:

That's the enigma

It may seem nobler in the mind to suffer,

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune;

While battling tides in a sea troubles,

And opposing end them.

Yet, to die

Before death

Shunning the world and its past-times:

Isn't it something?

I met a hermit inside a cave

Assumed as dead by many

It was as if I was meeting myself

After having wandered

Through different ages

Wave upon wave

Asked him about

Truth and falsehood,

Death and life,

Suicides, homicides

Among other matters

Some truths, some lies.

His eyes invisible

His whisper echoed,

In his hiding dungeon:

As he passed on

To me his wisdom:

"Aspire and negate

Your egoistic self

Until you become

Totally nothing

Annihilate desire

And every base urge

And let the body die

And the soul be free

From captivity

If you can do this

Then only you will be

Something in nothing

Ponder deeply

And be not faithless

For only by being

Nothing at all

Can we be something

And avoid every fall."

So that was the truth

The sage told me

A fact so divine

That it changed me

Within and without


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on September 23, 2007.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

be not.........hmmmmmmmm perhaps be not of this world that was how I took that. That we should not take our lives so very personally. I always say to myself in bad, good or otherwise times it is what it is and try not to attach too much emotion or anger or worth to it just let that moment stand as it is with no labels that is what I took away from your poem about your conver with that sage. No tearing up this time just a not so dissimilar ah ha moment for me.
you are a lightning rod with words for me tonight! winks
you know Why type it? winks