Even among a crowd a man is all alone

What is the difference between a king and a clown?

        A child fell into a manhole,

        While lost in the world above,

        His entire self absorbed in a kite...

        His brother cried for help,

        Implored one and all with all his might,

        To rescue his fallen sibling,

        Nothing worked...for anyone...

Rescuers came,

With ladders and equipment,

For 13 long hours they stunned,

Those gathered around,

Near the deadly pavement...

But the fallen little one,

Could not be found,

They tried their best - so they said,

But alas he was feared dead!

        And on the other road I was told,

        Somebody whisked awa7 a baby girl,

        After hitting and killing the mother,

        While driving recklessly.

        The lawmen said they were doing all they could,

        To trace the culprit, the newsman told...

As the sun sank and disappeared

I saw an owl flap its wings,

Perched on a high branch above,

As if mocking us with its wisdom,

With a hoot and soul searching stares.

It was like it was analyzing for me

The events of the morning and noon:

       "Whether it is a child of a king or a clown

       Even among his own...man is still all alone."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on September 20-23, 2007...inspired by the events reported on television and then going out to a park and watching an owl...

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