At times there's no respite from pain:

Seeing truculent men, meretricious women,

Talking incessantly on diverse subjects,

Without wisdom, without an aim...

Moments of leisure, like a puff,

Drawn from a filtered fag;

Are brief, smoky and short-lived,

After the first, sharp drag...

Manic depictions all around,

This civilisation disintegrates,

Virtues and morals gasping for life,

Without a sigh or a sound.

Caesar bled for some like me,

Brutus' sword killed him too,

While Calpurnia and Portia,

For their men gave up the world.

Spartacus, Demosthenes,

The Queen of Scots and Saint Joan,

Symbols of silent valour,

And unblemished selflessness.

The rulers of the present world,

Talk of a New World Order,

Making many like me sad,

At their suave hypocricy.

A General with legions stays on,

Defiantly clinging to power,

While thousands have died for a cause,

At a mosque for someone's vow.

I see no end to the insanity,

Of powerful warmongers,

As my imagination reveals more,

Of a vain world gone crazy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on September the 15th, 2007, after listening to the news on the BBC, Dawn News and CNN.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Very Beautiful but............

very English professorish too! Put on a tweed jacket with elbow patches and some faded disreputable jeans along with a pair of very comfortable loafers and I would heartily say yes indeed you look the part, but you know my taste and of course I adored this poem. It makes me want to drag you out to dinner with me and make you talk and talk and talk until you think, Okay, Melisa the word is not such a bad place over all I guess............. smiles. Don't give me that look Sir Poet, you may never say it out loud to me but I'd get you to say it in your eyes at least. Yes,.... I am that charming..................again you know who! why type it?

shazi's picture

Hi my friend Welcome back. You are absolutely right when talking about hypocrisy and the lust of power. You and I not only share a long friendship but common ideologies. I invite you to read Chastity was once thy name woman and seeds of hypocrisy.
For this one 5 stars.
love and regards