For how long will you fool yourself Naveed

With the thought that things will turn out fine

For how long will you nurture frail hopes

That folks here will understand your lines?

O poetic soul sigh not, pine or feel

For those who love the false, not the real

Keep doing what God has ordained you to do

And one day they will miss a man so true.

A human who cares more for others than himself

Who weeps secretly at poverty offering itself

To the greed and lust of inhuman vultures

And who does all he can to break the spell...

Yet even with the power of his pen and his words

Only by the wise is he listened to and heard

Alas, if only the worth of his thoughts is known

This nation can become a land of renown!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on May the 12th in Karachi, Pakistan.

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