Dear father, my very own father,

But for you I would not have been;

Through your best expression of love,

You gave meaning to a lifeless theme.

You did all you could do for me,

My mother and all my siblings;

You suffered much of life's misery,

To make sure that joy on us springs.

You acted like a real he man,

And cared for us at every step,

You did not think about your comfort,

Nor display all the tears you wept.

You toiled for us day and night,

And battled with tremendous odds,

You did only what was right,

And scoffed at all man-made gods.

You enriched me with education,

Nourished my heart, brain and soul,

You sowed the seeds of wisdom and,

Taught me kindness and right action.

Chivalry in me did you impart,

Through example and through deeds,

You made me fear none but God,

Prepared me to fight the evil creed.

You would not eat if I did not,

You would not sleep if I didn't,

If even a scratch ever hurt me,

You would always act to blot it out.

My well being and my success,

Were always your cherished dream,

And to make sure I grew up straight,

You sacrificed much of your esteem.

Dear father, how can I repay,

Your love which you showed for me,

Can all my deeds ever match,

That which you did throughout for me?

You have left me on my own right now,

Entrusting me to God Almighty;

And today I have naught to offer,

But a humble tribute from me.

May God bless you dear father,

And may your soul have blissful peace,

May your hereafter happiness abound,

And may your heavenly grades increase.

Your love, how I miss it these days,

Your care, how I wish it stays with me,

Enwrapped in the thoughts of fondness,

And affection for now and eternally.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on Father's Day 2008, in Karachi, Pakistan...thinking about my late pa who departed from this world on December the 4th, 2007...peacefully and without disturbing anybody.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

this is absolutely beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.

palewingedpoetess's picture

you were very blessed to have such a wonderful flesh and blood father for like 40 plus years of your life. Some of us were not so very blessed but the fatherless girl in me sure loved this poem and saw your father with you through your eyes. T'was lovely Sir Poet. Again, you made me cry and frankly you should be terribly ashamed for doing so yet again. But I truly loved this know who!... so why type it?