A green tree,

With all its sweetness,

And haunting fragrance around.

A rare gem,

Somehow undiscovered,

By vast, dusty multitudes.

The pale-winged poetess,

A woman with a heart,

A poetess of great talent.

She is true,

As it's her nature,

Innately blessed by Allah.

And loving,

To the deepest depth,

In her true love shines so bright.

Must have been,

More than Sirius,

Shining even before birth.

My words here,

Are not merely words,

But a truth that can be checked.

A rare one,

I am lucky I found,

Lady bemused, the poetess.

She stands tall,

Yet untainted by,

The lures and lusts of the world.

Yet God will,

One day, I am sure,

Make her stand out as the best.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the 9th of October, 2009.

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