I have no more desire in my dead heart,

All zest and the interest is lost:

To live, to love, to carry on too,

But for some I am fulfilling a part...

This world and its ways are just not for me,

Everything is worse than when I was twenty,

The only being who really loved me,

Even she was not allowed to be here for me.

These rotten state of affairs sickens me more,

And in front of my sight is a denuded whore,

Who wants to seduce me with her shameless smiles,

And trap me with her succubus styles.

I have reached a stage where I am tired of myself,

For so many years I have survived in stench,

Watching demons trap unsuspecting people,

And drain the vitality of their hearts and souls.

At a time when even my shadow is sick of me,

And when even my friends can't make me happy,

At a time when I have seen the truth of things,

How can I make myself laugh, dance and sing?

No, no, all talk is futile,

Adnan and Shazi do make me feel good,

But those for whom I am struggling to live,

They care not about how I am all the while...

Why complain and why blame those I love,

They may not but I love them somehow,

Yet, I am now just biding my time,

Craving for my saqi, her song and her rhyme.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*ADNAN AND SHAZI: My friends.
*SAQI: Usually refers to a beautiful, veiled woman, who serves drinks at a tavern.
Produced on the 15th of November, 2008, in Karachi, Pakistan....fed up of everything in this world.

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