Is loving somebody lovely and beautiful,

Only gazing lustfully, kissing and fondling?

Is it important for one to be so demonstrative,

As to make a show of all intimate feelings?

What a mockery has this so-called advanced world,

Made of a sacred bond -- just fun and frolicking!

Tempting, embracing, dancing and seducing,

And then stripping the sanctity of a being:

What of those who love someone lovely and beautiful,

With their whole heart and yet don't spoil anything;

Who spend their days and nights pining for their beloved,

And spend their lifetime without betraying anything.

I struggled and spent a great deal of my life,

Questioning chastity, vanity, jealousy and strife.

I too fell in love hoping it would bring happiness,

And got only despair and never-ending sadness.

Lost the one I loved more than I ever loved myself,

And often stood gazing between death, life and herself.

The memory of those days has always been bittersweet,

Those reminiscences are with joy and grief replete.

And then I see men and women of the new millennium,

Enacting lustful fantasies on doses of Selenium

And I also think of those who lived and died for love,

Whose end inspires some like a flash from above.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on a hazy night of August, 2007...after pondering on some love songs shown on television.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

The answer to this one is so easy. To each their own! what is right for one but not another will always vary from individual to individual. There is no real comparing of the two as no two people are alike. Like free will that is a personal right to love as one sees fit. I can not judge how you love nor can you judge how others love. Your way of loving is right for you but that does not necessarily mean it suits the next person and the way they see the world and that mystery feeling called love. This poem though was a glorious peak into the mind of a deep man and it had many talking points which I loved and showed such vulnerability and revealed the beauty often found in repeated self questioning of Who am I? Why am I me? What is my place in this world? very common themes that have multiple equally fascinating paths of exploration for one to take to find in themselves just what they are searching for. The true self. So, from that point I loved this poem.
you know who!......... so why type it?