How I want to quit this boring task,

About which I cannot fully talk,

How I want to weep and cry,

Till my soul is totally dry.

How I want to laugh at all,

That seems to have been made for all,

How I want to sit, sigh and sing,

Ranting about nothing and everything.

In childhood my days were spent,

Worrying a lot about my parents.

Why there was no joy at home,

Why we were all feeling alone

At school I had Daphne and Josh,

And time for a while faced a loss,

The school time and the lunch break,

Under the great tree and forget ache.

Often I gave Daphne a flower,

And Josh my friend was her brother,

Who used to smile, clap and laugh,

Play and dance in the grassy splash.

Evenings were sometimes quite tough,

As a ship struggling in seas too rough.

Let me stop this episode now,

Ere the grief inside me does overflow.

Let me while the minutes of another night,

With cigarettes, pipes, some moments light.

Let me sit under the moonless sky,

And watch the stars roam more high.

Let me hear a friend talk of love,

Or hear a bird cackle from a branch above.

Let me be, please let me be….

For sometime at least….let me be me.

Let me be myself and search,

The one whom I miss so much…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Produced in Karachi, Pakistan, on the 22nd of November, 2008.

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