Muddy streets

day and night

moths abound.

Hearts stink

bodies rot

Where to go?

Ah, the world!

Ah, the role

that I play!

Summer sun

scalding winds

rip shadows.


enjoy life

No one cares.

How to live

in this land?

where to hide?

Unseen Friend,

will you hear?

And rescue me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the evening of June 14, 2002. A suicide bomb attack outside the US Consulate claimed at least eight lives and injured many others. Feeling depressed.

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The insanity will it ever cease?
Where to go, when every road's a dead end?
What to do when there is no peace?
Who to call when no one is a friend?
And all the goodness that you dreamed
has faded on life's screen
we are but figments of imaginations
nations divided by congregations
So, who am I but a stranger
lost among the clowns
taking the stage
until they knock me down.

deborah russell - 2002

Who am I mystic moon