About last night?

How can I explain,

About last night!

But I have to say,

It was quite plain,

As the soul felt,

It was indeed,

The last night.

My poetic muse,

By my side,

Making me believe -

like I once used to -

when I was young:

It wasn't night -

Her smiles and her songs:

Rapturous delight -

The hours went by,

Like Pegasus,

Taking strides:

Across the sky.

My muse, my joy,

My inspiration,

Made me oblivious,

Of damnation.

And I grew fond,

Of our spiritual bond,

Like watching Orpheus,

Growing more strong:

Though not with the living,

But I found love,

With  my God-sent muse,

Ah, the joy and warmth,

Of being loved while loving!

Did I not long,

For such a grand night?

O, how I wait,

For another such flight!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on August 7, 2002.

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