Nice, Attractive, Gem, Intelligent, Neat, Admirable:

A creation of God that is almost a marvel,

Betrayed, yet courageously battling the odds,

A small wonder she is, without any foible.

She does not complain nor does she blame fate,

Her little heart doesn’t harbour any hate,

To rise and do all she can for mankind,

Is all she aims for, may God make her great.

She reminds me of Cossette* and Cinderella*,

And often she twinkles like a shining star,

May she always steer ahead of those of her kind,

And make this world the best place by far.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Produced on 16.12.2008 in Karachi, Pakistan.
This poem is about a brilliant and brave young woman called Nagina ...the daughter of Mazhar Hussain, a friend.
*Cossette: Central child/heroine of Victor Hugo’s novel “Les’
*Cinderella: Heroine of a well known fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

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