How, may I ask?






Why are we alive?

This cruel word is bringing monsters back to life.

We laugh, cry, rejoice, tear up.

And even then we can't see the luck.

10000000 of us;

Fighting to be.

And only one gets picked out.

Why was that me?

I've bought so much shame to the world.

I might as well rest eternally now;

Others who meant to do good, 

Are just standing, as still as cows.

So, God, why give me a chance?

Was i just another plan...?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hiya! I recently got diagnosed with pcos :( so this poem isn't as good as it is meant to be. I would really appreciate feedback. get ready for more poems! you can request themes of poems under. if you wanna use a poem of mine, just message me and we will talk :) bye

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However it comes to be, our

However it comes to be, our lives are part random chance and part self guided and if you want more good in the world make more. Your poem is understandable and gets its message across what more could you ask? and thank you for sharing a bit of your life.