A Journey to Tierney

I met this girl just the other day

with her beautiful eyes 

she took my breath away

some people are afraid to admit

they made mistakes but that just isn't it

there is something about her

 that I just  can't ignore

she makes me smile

 she makes me laugh

she makes me feel like

 I'm rich in fact

i tell her how I feel every day

on that day  I waited for you

I pick you up and u come right  through

the doors are open and I'm not scared

just want you to know that I care 

sometimes nothing ever is the way it seems

you tell yourself stories

 where you come clean

I just want her to know how I feel 

how I feel when I had you in my car

driving in Easton not very far

we pulled over and listening

 to the songs of my voice

I just have to tell you it's great to know

there is someone who makes me want to roll

and it's you that I care about

it's you who I think about everyday

I don't want this feeling to every go away..


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I met this wonderful women just had to write about her.

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