Theories on Why I am the Way I Am




I was born through struggle


Chaos and disorder


With a dropping pulse


Covered in shit and an umbilical cord around the neck

Sliced out of her, as surgically - as urgently


This first part wasn't going to be easy


After having grown inside a womb


Shocked into truth and dissolving secrets


As my mother learned her father had adopted her


After marrying her mother, a biological lie

Carefully orchestrated by every member of that family

When people question my application


My 13th great grandmother was named


Miss Elizabeth Strong

That's her maiden title


So, I come from strong women


One thing is certain...


I was born a savage


And I will die a savage

They can be topical

I'm comfortable remaining philosophical.







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This Made Me Chuckle

Was I supposed to chuckle? Who are any of us? I adopted families of friends, mine were busy standing on heads trying to reach higher incomes by strange routes.  They  are mine - most likely descended from Homer Smith post slavery. Ida Marshall post everything else including migrating  north from  Gadsden, Alabama. That's all I know. 





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dry humor is my unintentional

dry humor is my unintentional specialty lol. it's not about where we come from as much as it's about where we dream of being :)

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I Was Telling Me That Today

From where you came from, Boomer? Not too shabby! :D




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Excellent use of natal and

Excellent use of natal and ancestral history.


[ * /+/ ^ ]

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thank you

thank you