Blinders On




The world as we know it

A great big unknown

Most tiptoe towards with blinders on

 Hands flailing in every direction

Fingers gripping and grappling

To touch on perfection

No room for doubt or discovery

When blind faith or fate has taken the wheel

One is merely a ridesharer without compass

A map filled with invisible ink

What's the point in questioning...

If no one cares what you think?

 Are there two sides to you?

Two halves to a whole?

A soulmate wandering the globe?

Is there past you and present you?

A future you? A ghost you?

A dopplegänger you?

Heavenly, sinister, or Plain Jane

Does it make a difference? Is it all the same?

Is it the Ego? Is it the real 'Me'?

Am I a cynic or one who believes?

Are the bruises on these knees

From prayer or hypocrisy?


With blinders on the horse keeps running the race

Lap after lap getting whipped to go fast

Spinning on and on, the motion you can't sense

There's a lot behind the scenes, if you pull the curtain back

And take off the mask, who awaits in the dark?


Will I be the light? Is there any paradox left...
if you step out of the box?


Some brave, some curious, some oblivious.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

free write

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allets's picture

It's The Ego

Everything goes through it - input and output. To be is to say "I". Let the realities flow! ~ Lady A ~



eleven_eleven's picture

Yes, yes, & yes. Thanks for

Yes, yes, & yes. Thanks for reading 

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very good

I really like the way it flows when you read it. Great job!

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Thank you very much 

Thank you very much 

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I am nothing more than the sum of everything that is accepted or disproved of me by the ones i am around,

We are what we do



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Buddha says we are what we

Buddha says we are what we think. Free thought reigns supreme 

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It would seem i lack insight

As what we do is a mirror of what we think

If not done by obligation 

Good luck trying to find that what a poet is


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Agreement, very good

Agreement, very good questions!


We are what we choose to be

a follower or leader 


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Thanks for reading :)

Thanks for reading :)

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All very good questions! There's a fine line between truths. Who's to say which one is real.

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All questions are good

All questions are good questions. Thanks for reading