Free Will



Things change with the date

The only predictablility is the unpredictable

Nothing is stable, nothing is free

Every emotion comes with a cost

Every thought takes up a piece of space

Who are we?

Randoms floating on a rock in the void of black infinity?

Who are we to claim humanity...

When they all turned their face?

Who are we to dream of change while still in chains?

Who has the power to free us from the entrapment of our own minds?

Who can help us change out of these flesh-toned spacesuits?

We hear the questions, but are we the one who is asking?

They say the ability to question proves free will, but is that a false narrative?

I don't have all the answers, but I'll never stop questioning.







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Keep Asking

Choices made - roads taken based on whatever answers are trusted. ~s~



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Fan love

Dope art I respect. Keep it up

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Thanks very much <3

Thanks very much <3

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"...but are we the one who is

"...but are we the one who is asking?"


What a thought.


I hope so.

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deep thoughts are really

deep thoughts are really shallow thoughts b/c they’re so stripped down. :)