American Pie



She had the perfect ceremony

The dream honeymoon

The cutest starter house

The wonderful spouse

She had the great paying job

The healthy infant son

Then a second blessing of another healthy son

Her husband lost his whole damn mind

And left their beautiful home

He did returned again

But was never quite the same

She didnt put all her apples in one basket

She used all her apples to bake a pie

That life fucked the everloving shit out of. 











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lyrycsyntyme's picture

Quite the sudden, dramatic

Quite the sudden, dramatic turn. Which I can only imagine is completely appropriate way to write this story, considering how cleanly life seemsed laid out before the twist.


Very nice play on words during the closing lines, tangled into a pop culture reference.

eleven_eleven's picture

Thank you & thanks for

Thank you & thanks for reading!