A Direct Threat



If I come over will you tell me to sit right there?

In that bright red chair? Hah, that will melt with just a stare

My eyes are like lasers, they're unforgiving and unrelenting

A challenge to meet yours, who is big? Who is bigger?

I can match you tit for tat. A fun fact, but you don't know bout that

Teach you about alternate realities, while you teach me to fall between

The numbers hidden in accounts and the hands of time. 

I'm not flirting with disaster... I'm grabbing it by the hair

And shoving my tongue down its throat. It's a direct threat

You don't want to hit replay, if you can't hang. Left or right?

I'll take it right down the middle and lift up a finger.












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allets's picture

Nice Image

"...hidden in accounts and the hands of time..." We are all hidden in the hands of time. Nicely said. - slc