I made up my mind-
for the first time.
Said i wasn't going to do it again-
Wasn't gonna be more than a friend,
wasn't supposed to let no on in :|

thats my style.

Then I slowly creeped the line--
Saw you time and time,
But never knew i'd want u as mine

I knew the connection was there,
Didn't think it would go anywhere
But... without a fearful care--
I let you into me

we're here and now-
& things seem to be moving steadybound--

I need to tell you.
That I love you.
And no matter what we do--
I always will

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If I remember correctly, I wrote this for the one who will always be. No matter what situations arise for us in the future... we somehow continue to be one another's constant.

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