Awake in the middle of the night
Afraid to turn out a light, because
I can't think about missing a minute.

I wanna sleep to let go,
but I keep me here-pulling me in.
Faster and faster downward I go...
nothing but- spin, spin SPIN

I reached for your hand,
but my short -term memory helped me forget...
I bit it just a lightyear before.
Faster and Faster- spin, spin, spin

Hitting the bottom is nothing like the pit of the pain in which i have felt for nothing.

Immature I can be sometimes.
Knowing she's all that I need, and the truth to my game.
She's stuck around for me... more than... pretty much anyone.
Given the opportunity.

I pour my thoughts to these web-pages with my typing and I arrange the letters while click click clicking away....
But does it even matter-
If it's just matter...
All these vibrations that I "say"

I guess it really won't matter either way.
Tomorrow ... is a brand new day, and
You, and I, and She and She, and Us... we'll all be Okay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Words flow from fingertips like beer from a keg, but the sober reality is never an easy thing to face the next day." -Drea

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