It's kind of funny isn't it?
You find yourself without me, and I find myself without you, and life seems to be working.
I'm working. You're working.


Your with her, I'm with her, and we're all working out just fine.
But then i'm stuck here in time.
Wondering as though I'm more than blind...
Why am I still worried about you caring about me?
Why do I still want you to call...
why do I still feel as though... it's something i'm missing?

Truth says you were never good for me.
I was never good for you.
You're working just fine without me, and I am doing the same too.

Yet... It's still daily.
I'm waiting?
For the friend I never thought i'd truly lose.
But i guess it was the friend I never really attempted to keep?
Or so they might think or say.

I guess we'll never really know.
Because I never saw this coming....
I feel like...
I just kept on RUNNING, and now... you got over me.

... and i'm still me.

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