I try to see the good in life.
The bad things seem to be much more apparent these days.
We're blowin away, blownin away each other, each other isn't changing their selfish ways.
Can we make this something good? Warnings didn't seem to help us.
Well I'll will to do it right this time around
It's not over, But a part of me is dying and the ground is recycling to back.
This awakening seems to be killin me
But your only 1

It's not over.

I've taken all I can take
And I Choose to Wait.
We're wastin too much time
Living head-strong, holding on
But I refuse to let this bring us down

It's not over.

My life with you, inconceivable, but your only one.
So I won't give up that easily.


It's not over.

Blowin away blowin away each other, each other steadily blowing away.
Can make this something good?
Cause it's all misunderstood?


It's not over.

But you're only one.

Well I'll try to do it right this time around
You can't let this get away
Let it out, let it out
Don't get caught up in yourself or myself
Let it out.
Let's start over
Well try to do to it right this time around


Its not over - but it's not time.


A part of me is missing you and still trembling on the phone
This choice is killin me, but still opening me up to opportunity and experience i never thought possible.
Lets start over


It's not over.

But your only one
Its not over
But I'm not the only one. And I'm not supposed to be, so why still text and pretend you need me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bet. Ya. Didn'T. kNOW.
iT'S NOT OVER, but you're only one. :)

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