Scene i Act i

To see passed the things of the realm of inquiry as far as physics will allow.
To see the depth of the imagery one is faced with everyday.
To know the truth of your own will that is destined to be fulfilled over lifetimes of devotion.
To understand that I know what I would be better off doing? But then again Do i?

I want one thing

(a) when i'm not happy with another thing

(b) while there's still this other thing

(c) that reminds me what i already know about my desire to have "a" and my commitment to contain "b"

i don't know where the plot began? but it ended with insanity.

The director cast away the actor and the actresses acted like they didn't care,

and all the while they were searching for you, and more and more you weren't there.

Then they came to a hault and they looked all around.

Inside the circle I have simply found..

that it's not you who's not there,

it's They who cast you away from there,
but i guess now i'll see the benefits.

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Scene One : Act One

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