I wanna give up,
I wanna let go.
I wanna BE RUDE
I wanna be Real.
I wanna say to you,
What I truly madly feel.

In the best ways,
In the Worse Ways.
In the times that lagg in|between.
I wanna to vent to you,
And say exactly what the fuck i mean.

Kuz i know you'll listen,
But at the same time i know you won't.
You won't understand:
the verbs and noun emanating from my throat.

Because you might not understand...
Because you're scared to hear it all.
Because you know where we might land.
Because you're still afraid to fall.

I wanna jump to conclusions.
I wanna not care at all.
I wanna hear your voice.
But i know you still won't call.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have no-thing. :)

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Colin "Satyr" McNamara's picture

you should always say what you truly feel... no matter what... because it's better to tell someone a true opinion then lie to them and let them get screwed (so to speak). You're poems are pretty awesome... they tackle relationships and other things in a very- dare I say- philosophical way, with a tinge of a rappish (I know it aint a word but bear with me haha) tone to the poems as well...

keep up the good work... a lot of your stuff in inspirational and people can relate to it... providin they get past all the philosophical stuff heh.

dreayeya's picture

:) i cant believe I'm years

:) i cant believe I'm years behind on these comments!