Through The Flesh

Are you still suck in that layer of toxcicity?

That sheath of: i have the power to love myself

but i am experiencing difficulty

as i attempt to shake the cells that tell me other


Are they still controlling ME?
That desire of relaxation and meditation that

I experience when i'm forgetting that control of those CELLS.

Are we back to square ONE? Are we at level 7?

I'm happy to see you, hopeful you'll grow.
I'm still holding back expectation...
Going with the FLOW.
As.. Should You.

Change is consistent...

Things are of nothing

in a world where things are

temporary, repetitive, proactive, reactive, observant and subjected.

Who is to say that my plan is my plan?
I don't know my plan.
I know my hope.

Shall we Dance?

You and I.
In a lime light like flare.

Pretend that the world isn't what it is,

and pretend like we're back where we were.
Where were we? Back there somewhere?

Can you remember those sounds?
Can you hear that movement of vibration in technique.

Can you see that rythmnic nation of unity among the live-light, stage, and Dust?

It's and old flame of past revolution.
It's burned its brightest burn and has some better days.
Some -i remember the bliss, the ignorance, the daze.
Some -i laugh to my self... lost in that haze.

You know how much i love the bright shine in your eyes.
It changes with the tides.
So does you mood, and your fury, and your love of passion, occasional rage.
You are the lime light of that once set stage.

Are you here?
Yes in the flesh.
But i can't feel you?
But you can know me.
Are you here.
As i have been.
But i can't see you?
But you can taste me.
Are you here? In this moment!?
As i have shown you
But i can't touch you?
yes, but you can percieve me.
Through the flesh.

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Started: 12-28-06 @ 8:30
Ended: 12-28-06 @ 8:39

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