You make me See

You are

so gorgeous,

so defined,

so beautiful,

so critical,

so unique,

so sexy,

so loving,

so true.


Make me

wanna laugh,

wanna smile,

wanna run,

wanna stay,

wanna feel,

wanna live,

wanna jump,

wanna just f*ing be.


Me without you,

something I choose not to imagine

something I hope we'll outlast

something to surpass.


See more,

grow more,

find utmost peace within,

with you.


Live more,

trust more,

love more,

just us two


Me and You.

What am I saying?

Everything I wanted and everything I never expected.

It's all in you.
Real love, is without expectation, and with an open heart.

Real love, I see me growing into with you.
Love like I'm never going to get these moments of chance again.

Loving like it's endless, and everflowing. Love like you Love Me.

Is this really meant to be?? I don't know. But let's love our peace.

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