Is It Vital?

The flame flickers and it dances,

and I lay here and think of my dancing against you

While we sleep my slow movements of matter through space

against your matter

my arms wrapped around you.

Our dreams, Our realities
The bittersweet liquid filled cells flow in the energy of my imagination.
My smoke filled cigar speaks LOUD
i answer- i regress
Your fluid filled bottle screams silent tears to your flesh
And your will pauses to remind- you're the driver, you are
My small tree begs for me to sit, to stay, to re-laxxxxxx
i answer- i repose into the shade of the artificial light
Your fluid on the rocks please for your company,
and your will and mind, remind it's not the time
My cancer filtered paper reminds me i'm weak
and i breathe while my emotions sway
Sometimes i give it my attentions,

an other days i remember i'm loving me

to love you better

and love you longer

to love me.
Even the primest TIME seems incorrect.
But I am unified with this experience

and i am working to unify

and I like remind my soul.
because if i was given the choice

i would rather remain to maintain

and will more than that of my emotions to the world.

IS IT viTAL to remain?
To live and let live in my weakness? Is not.
To praise that which moves my matter against your matter

in the space of the night? It's temporary.

It is vital?
That which moves me and that which chooses

to indulge my experience

and that which gives me choice

to choose experience is so.
That which regresses me by free choice, is nothing more..

than that of the nerve endings in my brain

that i choose not to understand

without the understanding of why i choose such


Is It Vital?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is something i guess i find appealing. Who knows?

My mind runs in tangents.

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