Believe, Trust, and You Will 2 Know

Believe in that which observes the world of life through you
Know that this is not yours to destroy or create selfishly
Trust that forgiving actions will bring peace to reality
Please let go of those regrets, and that anger in your anguishing pain

Believe in the higher source of your self
Know that this source is much larger than you but will guide
Trust the highest, realist, and selfless intuition that is you
Please don't lose the hope that you can carry on

Believe in infinite poential possibilities [i. e. di vin ity]
Know your control, the reactions and actions of the bodymind
Trust your will and divine power to reproduce peace
Please your selfless thought & submit hope to understanding

Believe in the love of the highest power & peace
Know that you're only fooling yourself if you can't live truth
Trust what I'm repeating, i say it not to offend, but kuz i am
Please the universal power of unity change and hope.

Then you'll will2know what is truly yours.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Somethings i try to remind myself.

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