Why do i want you- like I do?
Why can't i stop this- wanting of you?
Why am I sticking to thoughts like glue?
What or who am i trying to prove?

I love that you hear me out.
I hate that you know not of what i'm about.
I love that you're not filling me with doubt
I hate that i'm not coming from inside out.

Why do I want to feel you so much?
What is it about your touch?
Why am I driving with a broken clutch?
Still standing here, unknown, feeding the glutch.

I love that you kiss me right.
i hate not sleeping with you through the night
I love the hugs when you hold me tight
I hate the desire I have to keep you in sight.

Why do i ignore the more of what I know?
Why am I still acting to demote growth?
Why am I stuck on you and not I?
How am I seriously getting my self by?

I love that you open your heart to me
I hate that I love this fucking fantasy.
I love what I can imagine us to be,
But I hate that I'm still not ackowledging my peace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

UGH. I like you. I want you. I miss you. I like you, I want you, I miss you. What for? When i know what we have isn't real... what we have is what we have and it's not definable.. because I don't want it to be.

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