The words where there are no words,
Beyond rational
Beyond the illusion
the one the brain depicts daily

likes and dislikes of the predispostion

to that of of our chronological relations

from the ancient culture to the present.


But this we know is more that a relation-ship.
More than that of simple minded and narrow thoughts and actions
of blind and meaningless devotion to your physical form.


This is more than a partnership of the devotion

to serving the ever so unnessecary physical and material wants of the body

i've searched and searched to find my self within.


this connection.
Driven by the previous misunderstandings of our characters

within spiritual limits, and expectations...

We desired one another

because we were inspired by one another,

and now we have come to a new plane.


this connection.
Realizations have come

and brought with them the divine reaction

in the minds of both of each our individual self-

a higher understanding and comprhension of perspective

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She knows what I think, She knows why I do what I do. She understands me in a way that most people haven't scratched the surface. She's one of my most amazing friends in the universe. The Connection is an Anamoly... in the positive aspect

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