(x)You Are?
I am.
(x)You know?
i'd like 2...

(x)Tough to repremand, let alone critcize...
(x)Only, of what's truly known...You are?
     I am?
(x)Simply inclinded ... to learn 2know&2grow
(x)HoW did she get me? I still don't get 2know?
(x)All and no thing, in unison, in sync...[h e r]

(1) I wanna know-
Ask me when i knew more?
Now... I couldn't really tell ya,
Ask me why I couldn't?
My memories with HeR[You]are unworded&unreal&*life*times[old]
What? No liE??
(+)She's LuCky(+)
Only if she could see it, and only if i knew how to be it.
Love would be such a minimal word.. it wouldn't allow-
YOU to know her creative intelligence, and my acknowledgment of it4it's priceless[nature]
No.. but from the mind of my perception i guess

- I kNew it,
0 you knew not

-I CouLd SeE iT!
0 you were blind

-I COulDn'T DefINe iT, BUt I KNEW IT!
0 no! you can't claim to understand when you didn't
ArroGant; BitChes Would Talk...

-They Have to

0 can i finish?
     -SORRY, JEEZ...
0 Reality; still no different are they from her you or I
In her own way, you she I & her are all inevitably insecurities
Although to every spectator; you'll see "she's got it all"
Not always is she confident; she i and you have all fallen.
Actions are changed by belief shifts, and you I and her create
    -with imagination?

0 thank you.

7 -I never could ask for more than her instantaneously felt presence...

8 -Rough enough to fuck 1 up, but real it enough to calm a bitch DOWN.

7 -In her own way, she's got so much more than she'd thought she's have

8 -Something like a lover and something like a leader she knows nothing of her power for the enchange of minds.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

TheSe are my ConverSAtionS.
*SUbliminalIStIc coNvErSations*

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