Systematic Fanatics like those of the obsessive and passionate state whose style is to genocidally conform all into this trend. This mind blowing trend of lack of culture. Designed to entrap and embody those who blindly follow it's path of ultimate destruction.

Everybody wants power... there are people who aren't worthy, but remain the watchtower. They inflict the influence upon a reality already tainted with bloodstains from the passed supressions of beings whose being was to be for someone else's cause.
Being within a higher mentality is disenabled from reach, while being physically charged to be unsurapssable, undeniable, unsurrmountable, but still scarred from the wounds those same leaders sons and sons and sons inflicted upon men of men of who's men of the tomorrow-sorrow came them.
Each Day's another test- reality doesn't co-incide with this theoretically correct statement of a truth, This reality we see- spits the venomous words of a harsh plague that infect the mind and allow one to feel regret for one's understanding, one's perception, one's structure, one's upbringing, one's wisdom, one's words, and one's action for the self of the person they walk in. Each test's to manifest, but will your focus remain blind to a selfish cause, or will you one day supply your self with the vaccination to rebirth into something of a higher manifestation? of the manifestation in which you were bred and born to become, not by the pleasure of your parents, but by the peace of the divine everything and nothing that is the only one who is unperceivable.

Internationality is the message and the combinations are the flavor. There's more than realistic importance between peaces than the taste that you savor. Blind you are and bling you see, Devotions are contradiciton to your essentuality.

My actions.. will never truly lead you into the understanding of my highest and deepest depth of my love for you. If you never take the understanding of my will into account...then we will never fully come to an understanding of what our roles in the interrelationship of the moment are..... for my will is no longer devoted to the systematic fanatic role of understanding all i see and all i feel for the pleasure of my being to feel comfortable in my scenario, but the the role of the international, the role of that which you may never understand, but it is The role of the life, the role of my life and with my understanding, internationally the role is the role of me.

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I don't know. I'm on break. I'm trippin out.

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