What I am, Who I be. Who Are you? I am ME

As long as we continue to act on our likes and dislikes, then we are unable to percieve obligatory experiences of the world we live in.

We are blindly devoted to achieving pleasure and avoiding pain.

How interested we are in fucking up the natural events and cycles of ciphers that surround us. Due to our impetuousity and devotion to getting whatever we want.

Things are not always as they seem. Things move, mutate and change but there is a divine balance and reason in the flow of natural and ever concurruing events.

Our acknowledgement of these events is not always present. We attack and insult the life in which we live when we are not experiencing our likes.

We lose our on obligatory experiences that are of this realm, but unseen and hidden to those who are also of this realm. You do not have to continue to be of this realm and of these emotions, but of your self, your highest peace, of which your God created you.

Experiences that trigger dislikes are jus that. Experiences as triggers to further defer you from being the peace in which you can be.


Energy in Motion.

thus creating energy in the world, is emotion.

With creation of energy comes polarity of the world.



If you give into your likes and your dislikes. You will always have likes and dislikes, and you will experience life by ups and downs.

In this realm, when you have one.. you must ALWAYS have the other.
There is no way around this,
and if you think there is.. you're a LATHARGIC MONKEY.
You must have one to have the other because this is balance.
What goes up, must come down. And what goes down, Must then come back up.

Interdependence=EVERYTHING is intertwined into a network, in which, everything depends on something, and something will always depend on everything.

Are you a follower? Are you a leader? Or are YOU, just there for the experience, knowing that you are not of it, nor are you made of it?

How can we struggle to be something sooooo much to be soemthing, when we cannot understand what it means to be?

How can you fight for something you feel you love so much? But you won't love yourself that much alone, therefore how do you have that love to give?


How can you expect things tooo continually always go your way, when you are quick to cut down everything that already is working in your favor?

How can turn someone away when they have a genuine need? And wonder why you feel as though the world turns away from you??

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Therefore- I am PEACE.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nobody gets this one, but They're not supposed to.

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Colin "Satyr" McNamara's picture

might as well take a stab at this drama...

I agree with you... so many people strive for things that they think they need but don't... the world is powered by greed (but hey that's what happens when from day 0 you're raised to 'be the best you can be'). Everyone wants wants wants... but very few ever pause and look around them and say "I think I'm set..." Once one does that... it becomes so much easier to live... because then you know your balance and your place.

I'm probably waaaayyyy off on this but hey... can't say I didn't try :)

dreayeya's picture

:) exactly :)

nailed it