To my suicide fallen friend....

I know it never seemed like you weren't noticed,

but I promise; [beautiful girl] you were.

You were admired so much more than you know,

and desired more than you assured.

Do you Know that you are still missed?

Although- we strive to celebrate your life.

I know it seemed as though it wasn't worth it
[too you]

Through the pain and the strife.

But we'll remember on,

And your peace shall remain.

I'm glad that i knew you while i did,

I'm glad you're no longer in pain.

Peace Be.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rest IN Peace Melea Oman.

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You remind me of who I was Yesterday's picture

Wow, I really do like this piece. It's touching. Makes a person think... well anyways. It's cute, very well written.