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I notice so many interesting things all day. How people believe that they are seperate from one another, and in this stupid physical aspect which we call reality, is the ILLUSION. it's not hard to grasp, but if you don't understand it, know that it's not time... one day you will. We are all separte leaves of the same tree... living and growing.. and becoming more and more everyday, leaves die.. they fall to the ground... their energy dissingrates into the ground nourishing the tree and everytually is recycled and make into a new leaf... a new flower blossom of the tree... It's interesting to know that we are all of a "collective consciousness" But do most people even know what that means? it's my life ofcourse.. energi! aka one source of energy that keeps us alive and connected into thise body or into this demention (hence ghosts, spirits, etc.-these are energies or enigma's if you will... that are stuck within this realm because they REFUSE to let go and be at peace with Death, Life, Change, Etc. They stay whereever they want... but they stay unhappy until they make the choice. To let go, or to wallow in the waste, and soak up more and more and more.) We all have one major thing in common, without it you wouldn't be able to live... ok... I'm saying this again.."scientists have figured out what happens when their is a heartbeat - The brain sends an "Auto-nomic" signal to the heart by means of nerves, continuously until there is a severe trama/accident/injury(blow) (preventable), until there is a natural occurence of blockage in blood vessels (preventable-sometimes!!), or if there is emotionally overwhelming circumstances in which some one feels the need to no longer, and takes it themselves(preventable)....BUT.... There could not be a heart beat continuing without something allowing it to continue to send the electrical jolt. In order for energy the manifest something must force it to move by thought, or motion, energy is stillness before it is manifested, but once manifested the laws of the karmic system Thus what is that energetic field, that guide that ticks things along, heartbeat by heartbeat, the one who lights the candle of creation and allows it's wick to burn as fast, as slow, as rapid, as calm, or and smoothly as it allows itself to. What is this creation that presents itself in everything, everywhere that is natural and of this paradigm we call reality's natural essence, the animals and the trees and the ocean and the lakes and the rivers and the people as well, each individual person being of the "same thing" as sooooo EVERYONE ELSE." it's proven by whatever it is that continues to keep the autonomic response (electrical jolt) {heart beat} intacted and up to as much function as the person will allow it to with Diet, Metabolism, and excercies habits.... but why do we look to even the body we inhibit as ask ourselves.. is this me? Is this really me? In perspective thought... No it's not. You can be recycled and enter a new leaf.. thus this form is not of who you are. You are exactly perfect in everyway because you and i are of the same collective consciousness with everyone else in the world.. But some people choose to disregaurd the statements i make as it does kick the bible in the ass... But i refuse to believe i was made from a fucking rib...

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