Nineteen and SINGLE.

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It's easier to have loved and to lose that to jump in and attempt to love the same love again... thus.. move passed the experience and find love within self to bring love about and give to someone else. LOVE HEALS ALL THINGS.. but love is also a curse if you spend you're life trying to find TRUE LOVE .. the truest love lies within self for self and for the beauty in all things.. to me.. i believe being single is about finding someone to unite and be side by side with.. not be in a relationship with.. i need you you need me.. neither need eachother but enjoy the time and experience they are sharing without envy jealousy hate lust or greed.. and i mean lust as in a "we don't have to fuck all the time way" (fucking isn't love.. it's sex.. it's hormonal.. it's natural... it's ok.. but it doesn't define why or how i love someone thus...this is why i'm single..BUTTTT i am also not undermining how powerful and beautiful sex is and can be because it is of a natural nature... but the feelings that you hold inside for sex and towards sex are not of a spiritual nature, but of the physical personal persona nature and that's ok.. but i just try to be consciously aware of that ya know? Anyways.. holla back YO

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I was asked why am i single, and i decided to write my response.

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