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Psycho-Soma... Also known as BODY MIND

psycho -MIND

Soma - BODY

So as to say... psychosomatic is the body and mind as a whole, who balance and reflect eachother through means of sensory neurons that run to the brain and the central nervous system that uses sensory neurons to move muscles. It's interesting to me.. to think that everyone in the world is wearing their problems on their bodies, and don't even know what kind of a picture they have created through emotion, reaction, trauma, and overall life experience... and by allowing emotions of life experience rule there decisions and their behavior.

They only reason i know about this is because i have taken a class (as a massage therapist) on how to spot psychosomatic profiles. It's interesting for me to look at and examine and know that everyone is going through certain things.. but every thing on your body.. muscle, fascia.. hold some cell.. with a nucleus where DNA (memory) is stored thus emotion and memory are stored by the circulatory and the central neervous system in the muscles and in the fascia and everything you react to have an effect on how tight muscles can get... thus... massage for life, and you'd improve so much more than you think.. including.. metabolism, blood flow, heart rate, range of movement and gain more fully functioning muscles thus can allow you to be more mobile and healthier longer because it's also good for your heart.


It's crazy to see so many still living in beliefs they have had for their whole lives? Never looking for a new and/or high acknowledgement of life. Thus they bring forth from the universe the same repetetions of those who they idolize or if were traumatized by they would react in the opposite manner opposing the culprit of the trauma in behavior and in thinking. Learn and let go.. forgive and let go. never forget the memories of which will never be taken away from you.. but acknowledge them for they were experiences you grew from and can look at life in a different manner, in a more divine and realistic manner.

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