Perspective of Success

"Success isn't having what you want, but wanting what you have."

Success can be defined as having all you wanted and wanting all you have... on both ends of the spectrum, you'll find people living in either one or the other or both....

But isn't truest and the divinest of the meanings of success... To have all the things of the material world, whether by working for them or by being given them, while all the while knowing that you could lose every single penny, and every stitch of clothing except the one on your back.. and knowing that they weren't the truest essence and purpose of your life in the first place? (thus -  Success is knowing that you could lose it all and still be grateful, and satisfied to be alive. Because isn't success truly how satisfied you are with what you have, and if you're not satisfied then you'd consider your situation unsuccessful, as to the outcome you wanted??)

So when we search for success? WTF ARE WE AFTER?

PERSONal gain? Personal PLEASURE, by desire? Or are we seeking divine acknowledgment of the true ratio between material things and their relevancy to our self worth?

Success... in it's highest form (to me....) is to be satisfied with all circumstance, events and people, but understanding that their is a divine law of reason in all things... whether you understand the reason for the event or not... it's the law that should be understood. NOT THE REASONING you need to feel secure?

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