What I Know....For FACT.

I'm walking on the path,
Known as my life.
I'm not lookin at the Ground.
Not focused on the strife.
I'm treading on the water,
Known as emotion.
The tides gettin high,
Due to blind-devotion.
But now, i'm focusin on my creator.
I'm not going to relive my fears
Take'n the days as they arrive,
As I slip through the years.
I'm spiritually inclined,
To use the highest of Metaphysical Power.
Never wasting my minutes,
Not worried about the hour.
I'm doing some big thangs,
But in my own little ways.
Big thangs live in small people,
But the grow with the days.
I'ma keep keep keepin on,
Because I've livin in this WAR.
But I'll stand for my point...
Til my foot's stuck in the door.
Listen, Learn, Live
Remember to VIEW
Simply Maintain control of "YOU"
Understand what it is to BE.
Flow with Change and you'll KNOW.
You're the control,
of how far You'll let "U" go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeah... Sept. 2nd, like three am. I am naturally inclined to my own philosophy's and i am currently attempting to determine if i qualify as an indigo kid. Beautiful World full of sorrow and peace to explore, and experience with the understanding that it's all what it is in the end, and it's ok with and/or without it.

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