ThE MisSion

Symbolism everywhere... i see it pass me by.
Thank the force for my existence as i look to the sky.
Always remembering there's a reason, by every obstacle
You'll find an oppurtunity, to lead you back to that which U R

Anything is possible when you exude you selflessness
Staying as honorable to your humbleness, and to your SELF

As you would a dearest, realest, and most trusted confidant.

Virtues you've sought and know, and have grown to acknowledge
Each Day in your essensial existence of life force, reminise.
Hinder these into each obstacle, into each trigger of emotion.
I myself have no reached this highest point, but i am no judge
Characteristics you think of your vessel, have no plausibility
HIDDEN is your truest essence, but you must seek to FIND.
Love is eternal, but change this love's definition to it's
Exact definition. Selflessness WITHOUT DeSire AttAchEd EmoTion

Only you Control What you're Soul's FatE will Be.
Finalize you're mind, and make the choice, take responsibility

Give up Control Of cirCUmsTance. give Up The BiGgeSt FEAR!
Oblivion comes with surrenderement to that which you know you
DONT control. Bethe vehicle you were brought to be, PEACE OUT!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

YeA. I'm A God FreAk. And WhAt??

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