Simple minds veiw it everyday.
but they don't see it because they are blind.
the truth of creation,
and how to control your destiny.

The matters of The Will, not acting out what you "feel"
It's completely an illusion, the physical realm.
It unfortunate to see so many who are blinded by the blindness that inovertably inhibits and motivates our behavior (until we take back the power of it's motivation and fertilze it with the understanding and allow it to manifest itself, among this realm, for the divinity of "a place for all and all in a place," interdependence, and for the balance that the ignorance that the natural behavior withholds.

I don't have to react to anything.
For that is not of my truest essence.
And it's not my virtuous impetous makeup.
It is my choice to control my behavior,
Thus your actions and the actions of the world cannot...
CANNOT control my truest "emotion" of my truest self.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

**I was on fire.** scribing what comes through

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