Another night i sit here thinking...
Nearly crack-feinin your call.
Don't know what we'll talk about...
Realistically we talk about it all.
Everything is nothing, we're living in the box.
Analogies of what could be, to the sediments of rocks.

Daring attempts we make at SOUND, not to be talk'd about.
Only Allowing things to be what is...
Not filling the future with THEIR doubt.
Trying To Maintain, feel as though i've hit a wall.

Kinesthetically Impaired, Simply, waiting on ya call.
Not to bug, i kno you feel it, the feeling that i feel.
Obviously meant to know you...
We were brought to this to keep it real.

We don't want to label it, that just makes no sense.
Honoring it with words, will only create defense.
All i know is I must like it, I can't get it out of mind.
Things seem to fall out of place, but it all intertwines.

Thinking of what's happened...
Of the kink-freak you are inside.

Definitely sexy when innocent,
Only kuz i see what you hide!

I think you're mind is amazing.

What a trance it is to me...
All thought before was age differences,
Now you've showed your more than some see.
Temptations have arose, and you're inviting to me.

Unfortunate as it is, we must let it be, what it be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I always have hidden messages in alot of these.. this is for someone whom i can't describe my thoughts ever completely this would be only one millionth of what i think on a daily basis... intriguing.

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